iPadOS – Transformation begins!

Apple has been promising – have they delivered?

Apple has been promising since they first released the iPad that it was the future of computers! But those of us who have used iPads know it is a device that hasn’t come close to replacing our desktop or laptop computers. However, Apple MAY be getting closer with the new iPadOS.

The new iPadOS is much like the iPhone’s iOS13 with a lot of features that are specific to the iPad. These improvements are for iPad models going back to the iPad Air 2 and Mini 4.

The first thing you will want to remember is to NOT install a public beta version of the software. You will end up with glitches, your apps may randomly crash or the iPad will suddenly reboot. The production version of the iPadOS will arrive in the fall and most people will be better off waiting until then! So it is coming…just give it a few months.

Some things to look forward to:

Widgets on the home screen! These helpful at-a-glance tools provide weather, reminders and news headlines, if you have an iPhone, you are probably already using them.

Safari on the new iPadOS will be more like an actual desktop browser! Providing the user with a richer more computer like browsing experience.

If you use a Pencil you will notice the improved Pencil lag takes something that was good and improves on it making a nearly seamless feel. Writing, in particular, feels very fluid.

The new iPadOS has a lot of multitasking improvements including the ability to display a wide range of Apple apps allow for split-screen support, allowing you to have two windows open at once. Currently, these are Apple apps, but by the fall you should see this functionality in App Store apps.

There are a few other things this new iPadOS can do, such as allow for USB storage, multi-gesture editing, and even quasi mouse support. So, will these improvements be enough to pull me away from my desktop computer? Not yet, but there are a lot of tools that will help bridge the gap for a lot of people. But one take away from today’s post – while it may be tempting to download the iPadOS public beta – WAIT!

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