“I am so glad that we have Bea, of Bee Hive Support, giving classes here at Maravilla on technical issues, i.e. computers, I-Pads, smartphones, etc.  She has helped me many times when I had issues and needed answers I couldn’t get from fellow residents!

I also was so glad she helped me on a personal level, taking my iMac into the Apple Store, coming to my apartment with issues that couldn’t be handled over the phone and at reasonable rates!

I look forward to her informational classes every month! “

Sandra B.

“We have been very happy with the support Bea has given us on the computer. She has been patient and understanding and has helped us a  lot.

We would definitely recommend her for anyone who needs help on the computer.

She is 5 star.”

Dr. Ed and Jeanne L.

Bea is very patient with the Maravilla seniors during her monthly Technology presentations. She often presents timely information to keep us safe from predators on the internet. She also introduces new things such as “Keychain” to simplify using passwords. She is available for a reasonable hourly fee to give us individual help in our apartments. I rely on her to keep me up to date.


Bea has been so helpful in organizing my computer. Her patience showing me many times a technique to make something easier and less stressful for me.
When you are working with Bea, her phone is invisible so I really get to know how important I am as a client.
Her knowledge of the computer is remarkable. I always get all my tech problems taken care of.
Thank you, Bea!

Leah B.

“Bea is a computer wiz and a great instructor! As one of her many clients at Maravilla-Scottsdale, I have been attending her monthly courses for our residents as well as taking advantage of her many talents utilizing her in-home support. While I am fairly computer savvy on my own, I have found several areas in which her knowledge has helped me solve my problems as well as introduce me to programs which I didn’t know existed.

Bea is excellent with seniors, showing the patience and ability to communicate necessary in working with us. She has been helping our Maravilla residents for many years, with excellent results.”

William L.

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