Welcome to Bee Hive Support! We specialize assisting seniors with computers, phones, and smart home technology, in addition to personal assistance services.

Computer Support

Having computer issues?  Wanting to get a new computer and need some assistance with choices? Your new computer runs on Windows 10 and you can’t figure anything out?  That is where Bee Hive Support comes to the rescue.  We help with computer issues, education, new computer purchases,  computer, and printer set up.


Bee Hive Support & Virtual Assistant offers computer support for all computers and operating systems.

In addition to troubleshooting computer issues, we also have instructional classes to help you learn new features and functions of your computer.  We will assist our clients in the purchase and installation of new computers and accessories.  Support is available as either Remote Technical Support or In-Home Support.

Bee Hive Support also installs and instructs clients on the use of simple home automation to improve the client’s quality of life.  Discover how the use of the Amazon Echo (AKA Alexa) and some smart bulbs can change the life of a person with limited mobility.  Imagine being able to turn the lights on to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and NOT having to fumble with the light switch.  Simply tell Alexa to turn on the bathroom or hallway light.

Additionally, conside the peace of mind knowing if you fall in your house and can’t get to the phone to call for hel, your Echo can call people in your contact list.

Bee Hive Support also offers Virtual Assistant services.  Imagine having someone who can run an errand, spearhead a project, help plan and execute a function, or simply pick up the dog from the groomers.

Recently we have added Notary services to our offerings.

We can do that!

Simple Home Automation

Do you want to hear the latest news when your feet hit the floor in the morning?  Just ask.
Do you want to hear any type of music from Big Band and Swing to Rock or today’s top forty list?  Just ask.
Do you want to be able to turn the lights on before getting out of bed, or before you enter a dark house?  Just ask.
Would you like to be able to control the temperature in your home without having to get up and go to the thermostat?  Just ask.

But what if, you couldn’t just get up and go turn on a light, or adjust the temperature.  Because for many people, that is a reality. Physical limitations caused by an accident, injury or illness can be life-changing. That was the catalyst for Bee Hive Support to get involved in home automation. It is a very personal mission for us.

If we can make one person more comfortable and confident remaining in their home, we have completed our mission.

We utilize voice-activated assistance.  For the most part, Amazon Echo’s Alexa, but Google also makes an assistant.  Either of these units and some smart lightbulbs, thermostat and even door locks can make any home secure, safe and a viable solution for seniors or persons with limited mobility to stay in your home.


We can be contacted via email or phone.
In-home appointments are available Monday thru Friday
10AM -5PM.
Remote sessions are available Monday thru  Friday
10AM – 5 PM and Saturday by appointment.

Bee Hive Support is not available on Sundays.